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Competition Rules


You like games? We like them too! This is your chance to earn your team a free dinner at Dino Art Caffe.


Your team needs to have the fastest escape time among all teams which choose to compete between Nov 22 and Dec 13. Escape times will be recorded for teams playing in both of our game scenarios. The Warehouse of James Craft and The House Of the Voodoo Shaman! Teams should not exceed 6 players in total. None of the team members should have played the same scenario in the past. The competition is for all bookings where the actual game time is between Nov 22 and Dec 13, 2015. The competition rules are subject to change without prior notice. In such case an update will be posted on Exit Factor’s website. The winning team will be posted on Exit Factor’s official Facebook page within 1 week after the end of the competition. The total dinner bill shall not exceed the amount of 60 euros. This offer cannot be combined with other special offers running during the competition period.

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